Hiya! This is a page so people know who you are on WQ And Wizard101 so they can add chu ! ( Now Piriate101 too~ )


Faithful Jordan Silver ( Made a new person ~ Faith )

Wizard101 Edit

Jordan Unicornrider ( I Do have a unicorn and rare pets... I need to lvl them up.) I think im a lvl 19 fire wizard. Never went on for about 1+ years o_o

Kimberly Sunsword ( I have lots of pets) Im lvl 34 Life Wizard


Spirit Fur ( If you see me say Hi Faith o-o  But plz tell me who you are xD )
Wolf Quest Completed 1 pup Left

I completed this on a saved game.. I can complete it with 4 pups.

Wizard101 Accounts!Edit

Mackenzie Redflower ( Betta )

Jordan Unicornrider ( Faith.. the ac is about... 4 or 5 years old...)

WolfQuest Accounts!Edit

Spirit Fur ( Faith )

naturewolf101 ( Betta i added it for chu o-o )