List of Fun ThingsEdit

1. Do quizzes or read on quotev-

About Quotev- You can do wolf,cat,crerpypasta,ghost quizzes and more. Type in something Ex: Warrior Cat in search and it will pop up quizzes on one side and stories on the other. You can make your own but you need a Account. ( I read stories more often then quizzes)

2. Play random games or look up random stuff

3. Bug someone

4. Watch vids on YouTube

5. Play MineCraft ( Idk why this is on here o-o )

6. Play WolfQuest

7. Play FeralHeart

8.Play FreeRealms

9. Play Left 4 Dead ( I want the game D::! )

10. Poke Betta until she yells what o-o

11. Edit things

12. Do school work

13. Look up random things

14. Watch Tv

15. Give hugs! o:

16. Spam on the spam page I just made

17. Listen to barbie o_o