I got bored and tried to add IT meshes to FH. And I found a Slender Wolf mesh, I was like "LOL WTF -adds to FH-" And it actually worked XD After that, I found in a folder the sound of Slender! o.O Took it and added it to Slender Wolf. VOILA, a perfect Slender.

Then I was so bored, and made my own Slender map O_O

Its huge, no really, ITS FREAKING HUGE. It takes 5-6 minutes to run from an edge to another, yes, I used the timer for this XD

Anyways, here is some pics of it:

Please remember, the map IS NOT done yet

  • Particles :P
  • The Slender Wolf mesh
  • You will spawn at that stone gate
Quick reminder:

When u will spawn in there, u will hear Slender XD No, u wont die, its just to make it scarier :P See if you can find where I placed it lol, its hidden XD