The thing i hate about ppl is that they try to use something from an example and they know nothing about!!!! But to clarify this i will tell what really happened. My father appeared to me in a dream and branded a cruse mark on my tongue to not expose info and to control me. He told me i will take the life of one of your friends. this immediately made me leave the shadow talon being afraid that he was going to kill one of them. i had four close friends legend, scarlet,xiax, and dark xia. to keep it safe i stayed away from them to save them. when i went to go see xavier darkthorne for his collection of books scar had arrived and thats when the curse came in place. scar had asked me why i left and i kept saying "the curse mark, the curse mark" with each time i was saying that it would choke me. she thought i had went back to my old ways of the creed. and thats when the mark took over me. after i gained control of myself i was unaware that i TRIED to hurt her. i had to explain the mark in little words so i would not completly choke but she understood. AND IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME ASK SCAR HERSELF. and that is why i left the shadow talon and for the record i could have joined back in but scar was on a break so i was on a break. THIS GOES OUT TO THE PERSON WHO SAID I TURNED ON MY OWN ORGANIZATION.