As of now and has been for a while, actually, this wiki and organization is no longer around. However, there is a new group similar to this one. It's called ShadowRogues. There is no wiki made for this new group, but, there is forums, pages on other wikis about it.

SilentShadowsUnit was a rebellion in the past against New Age Union and Alyx Vance1. Since they haven't been seen in a while, they are no longer a threat unless said otherwise.... Time has changed and so have we. We have grown stronger, more mature and wise, more clever, more well thought out, extra. So unless you are looking for something, good luck wasting your time here.

For more information about stuff and things contact: Darkclaw1444 ( wikis ), Skype: moonpawone, Tera Online: Moonpelt, FreeRealms Revival: Moonpelt