Shadow of the month is an honor. U must respect and use your power carefully. Unlike the other people, clans and packs we don't do fancy crowns. No we give special weapons for a reward. ~ Legend MoonStar

Silent Shadow of the Month of MarchEdit

This month's Silent Shadow is.... Stone!!! :D Congrats Stone. Here is your reward. 

Stone's rewardEdit

Sword of darkness

Sword of Darkness

This sword was carved in the dark ages. No one dares use it cuz it can corrupt the soul. The power of this sword can kill many with just 5 hits. Use wisely Stone... - smirks -

All about StoneEdit

Stone is loyal, fearful, brave and strong. Though he likes to work a lone, he stays close to those who need him. He meet Moon in the Cape Distant Worlds and explained that he is Golden1 Hawk's older brother. Ever since then he has be loyal to the Silent Shadows Unit.  

Gender: Male tom-cat/wolf has a white fur coat and razor sharp teeth.

Rank: Guardian

Silent Shadow for the Month of AprilEdit

This years Silent Shadow of the Month of April is FaithSoul! Congrats FaithSoul. And I think Betta will be May o.o. I was thinking and planning this for a day now xD. Anyways, I will give you your reward and you may post things for all about FaithSoul.

FaithSoul's reward

These daggers are sharp and deadly. They are time daggers and once hit with one of them you can either go back in time and slash your victim more than once or freeze time while you still move.
Dagger of time

Daggers of Time

All about FaithSoulEdit

FaithSoul died young as a pup. She has 10 lives, and a pet raven. Her pelt is a dark dark blue, her underfur is dark white while her markings are black. She is 16 years old due to special trainning while she was dead. She has a bad past, Her element is Shadows- Darkness- Death. The only way she has powers that she can use magic and the other elements because she is from StarPack and HellPack with her sister.

Silent Shadow for the month of MayEdit

This month's SilentShadow for the month of May is.... Derpy!!! Congrats Derpy! - huggles - June will be Betta and August will be Lethal XD lol I planned this out cuz your names ryme with the months. Plus Betta will be good in June. Anyways, Derpy your prize is below. I am doing this early so I don't forget.

~ Legend MoonStar

All about DerpyEdit

Wand black

This wand is a powerful. It contains magic inside it. Learn to control this dark magic stick and you can do anything.

Read pic description...

Silent Shadow for the month of JuneEdit

This years Silent Shadow for the month of June is.... Betta :D. Congrats Betta. I will give you your reward soon and Faith :( I wantz waffles.... ~ Legend MoonStar

All about BettaEdit

Read pic discription Betta 
Nature key

This Nature key can unlock any one's secret and uphold the most powerfull nature healing magic ever...