What is your favorite food?








Mousebile (your crazy if you chose this)

Other (Put answer in comment section)



What rank are you?









What is your favorite color?

Green, it reminds me of newleaf

Blue, like rain that gives us water

Red, like blood 9_6

Pink, like a pretty flower

Purple, another pretty flower ^_^

Black, like ash

Brown, it is like bark on trees 

White, it is the color of the clouds

Yellow, like the sun

Orange, orange?

RAINBOW!!!! So many colors I could explode!!! :D

Other, party pooper :( (put answer in coment section)



What annoys you most?

When cats walk on your territory

When tom cats are being stupid ( XD )

When somebody spams

When a person keeps asking you the same question

When kits pulls your whiskers 

When cats boss you around

None! I am the annoying person who does all that!!! :D

Other (write in comment section)



What do you think when someone says "Guess What?"

Finally he asked her to be his mate?!

You got to be deputy?!

Your head got filled with mousebile?

You ATE a TICK?!

You are going to be a rouge?!

You're finally going to admit your a mouse-brain?!

You had KITS?!

I have no idea what to guess....




Mates? Your asking ME about MATES? You're crazy

I have one! :D

I need one desperately!!! Know anyone who is single?

Thats MY bussiness..... O_O

Why are you asking me about MATES I have 100 kits! I have one! DUH!

I'm not suppose to have a mate...

Monkey pants XP

Great Star Clan!

Toms are mouse-brains, no way!

She-cats are strange! No way!


Why? Just....why?




You catch one of your friends from another Clan on your territory you...

Hide and hope your friend goes away

Pin your friend to the ground and give a warning

Attack your friend, eh, I lose a friend, so what?

You tell them they are not suppose to be in your territory nicely

You kill them

You go tell your whole clan

You declare war on their clan

You start a conversation with your friend, not caring about your territory

Ignore the cat, your friend might go away

Tell your friend to get off your territory harshly



What do you do when you're hyper?

Crash into a tree

Knock my leader into the river

Set the camp on fire XD

Go on wiki and insult cats

Tear the cat next to you's pelt off

Scream "BLAME THE PONY!!!" Thats my thing ~Cherrypool

Weird your friends out

Kill everyone in sight

I never get hyper (You crazy Lier)



How awesome are you?

As awesome as they come! :D

Awesome? Who uses the word awesome anymore! That is pathetic  Epic is the new awesome! ( - slaps face no ntn - i still use awesome more than epic )

- looks at clan mate - better than her

Waaay better than my mate!

You cannot beat my awesomeness! 

- dances - so awesome.....

I am not awesome at all D: ( No one should chose this, everyone is awesome in their own way )




How do you like this quiz?

LOVE it!

So much fun!

Boring, I hate it! ( Tell me what you didnt like about it.... )

I could do this all day! MAKE MORE!!!! 9.6

Fun! So much Fun! FUN FUN FUN!

I will do this everytime I get bored!

Great idea, with the vote thing! ( thx )

I hated it! Horrible! My eyes BURN! ( Shame on you ) 




What do you do in your free time?

Train of course! I'm an apprentice wanting to be a great warrior!

Weird my friends out!

Help the medicine cat! I want to be helpful!

Go into the forest and wait until someone comes by, then I will jump out and scare them! 

Free time? I have no free time!

Deal with my kits, no free time for me.

Secretly meet with my out-of-clan mate

See how much prey I can stuff into my mouth


Train! I want to be leader someday! 

Go on a patrol with some friends




When you walk into camp you usually see....

Nothing the Clan Camp is always abandon 

Trees, green trees, dens, um, the stuff that is in the camp

A kit picking there nose, I almost throw up

Cats being bullied

Cats doing there own things

Toms being the usual mouse-brains




- blinks - why? ( Cause, it is something to answer! )



Which is your favorite my little pony?

Twilight Sparkle


Rainbow Dash

Flutter Shy

Pinkie Pie

Apple Jack

Princess Luna

Princess Celestia

Shining Armor


None I HATE my little pony ( Shame on you )



Your Clan mates kit was stolen, for all you know that kit could be dead, you....

Sneak into the place where the kit was stolen

Try and kill the whole entire clan that stole the kit

Tell her to have another kit

You really dont care, and you walk away

You feel bad for her so you steal a kit from another Clan



Another Clan breaks into your camp you....

Scream of course! I'm just that awesome!

Fight the nearest cat

Fight the cats near the kit den

I hide in the kit den, duh! I am a kit!

Go to the points where the cats are coming from and make them back off

Reason with them, bloodshed isn't nessessary 

Kick there butts!


<poll> How would you describe yourself? Crazy (yay) Smexy (Ooh....) Awesome (eh...) Cool with those bros (what the heck does that mean?) Hyper with a tad of awesomeness Hyper with a tad of smartness CAKE CAKE GIVE ME CAKE (that has nothing to do with what I asked you) </poll>