Faith's : Jay,Night,Death, Faithy  ( I perfer to not use Faithy >.>) Also this is most of whos nick names I give em.

Betta's: Beta,Beta,Betat

Legend's: Moon,Legend, Moony

ShadowHeart's: Shadow

Alex Realms: Black,Blackpaw,paw,realms,alex

Dakota's: Blood

Offical Nick Names Chosen By Them ( And other people Muhaha Also put in wut u picked and ur name Like I did xD ( I picked o-o thingy ) The l Is for other people to put theirs in after it. Once u putted it in do l again )) l Hi xD )Edit

Faith: Jay, ( I picked ) l

Bettas: Betat ( I picked), l

Legends: Moon ( I picked ) l

ShadowHearts: Shadow ( I picked ) l

Alex Realms: realms ( I picked ) l

Dakota's: Blood ( I picked) l