It has been past a month since the realms ended. Many of our friends have gone their separate ways( Xiax,Scar,Dark xia ect), But instead of looking back at the good old times i believe we should start a New Age. This war i hear about that we lost, FORGET IT! There will be plenty of other ones in the future.I know I havent been on in a while but i plan to expand this group in another game, but first I want all of us to talk about issues we have different opinions on. I believe if we can come together and agree as one we will be alot stronger than we are now. Even though i may not have a good friendship with Blackpaw and Alex, I admire their teamwork and cooperation as one which makes them so strong. That could be us if we acted as one and cooperated. I may not know Faith, but I Ask if you stay with us. Keep your heads up people, our defeats only make us stronger.

~Jake Redstorm

p.s. Dont think that since i am gone that I havent forgot you all i am making blueprints for the ultimate plan. Oh yeah and remember, we work in the shadows, not in the light. We do things that are wrong and unjust but understand it is for this unit and the greater good for all.