Ever since Alyx and the Union took my kit SilverLeaf, I never wanted another kit nor watch one. But since I moved to FeralRealms ( FeralHeart ); the Union can't hurt me or at least I hope so. So now me and Ryder are having kits once more. I will never forget SilverLeaf though. She now is in StarClan and she would have made a fine older sister and a young warrior. My kits are due in 1 week. One is already here though she is tiny and little early. I am the last of the Legend WolvenCats and I must keep my kits safe or my kind will die off. Lucky no threats have happened and yet I still fear that the Union is coming in this new world. 

~ Legend MoonStar

New kit: she-cat

name: Eclipsekit

Description: A very very small she-cat with a purple pelt and daggering blue stripes. Light blue wings and looks a little like her father ( Ryder )