- ears flicker and fur is uneasy -

Dear Silent Shadows, 

I fear that something worse might happen now that FreeRealms has ended. I went on FeralHeart for about 1 hour and all of a sudden a creepy wolf or cat ran past me really fast. Then she stopped and turned smirking and called my name Legend MoonStar.... I told her yes and she said I know you from another game. I told her I get that a lot, I use to play FreeRealms. Her eyes narrowed and said she use to play that game. I told her that I used to be hunted down. And she said " So? They still hunt you and why? " Its creepy cuz I never said who did hunted me to her. So how did she know that "They" hunted me down? I told her yes and I spoke of FeralRealms.  She said " aye, yes FeralRealms? Is that a good game?" I nodded and she smirked again and left after her brb. 

1. Who is that wolf/cat?

2. Why did they ask me of FeralRealms when I just meet her/he?

3. How did that person know of "they"? 

4. What has this person got against me?

Really? I am getting creeped out big time now....