Heres some ways o-oEdit

1. Grab a spray bottle full of water so you can spray them * Works with Betta xD *

2. Close the Door On Them

3. If they play games and they have water grab a video game and use it as a sheild. They will want it back and wont ( maybe ) spray you if they got a water bottle thingy.

4. Throw food at them ( DO THIS AT UR RISK OF CLEANING THE HOUSE! )

5. If you do these Dont blame me if you get grounded

6. If they are attacking you like in a fight, SIT ON THEM :D (I do it ^^ o_o )

7. Lock yourself in your room...

8. Tell  parent(s)

9. Spray em with water ( Number 1 )

10. Bug them so much they leave you alone o_o

11. Steal a book from them and use it as a sheild but put it in their room when your done

Derpys ways


13. Put headsets on and listen to loud music and listen to it until they leave u alone (Kinda works for meh lol)

14. Poke them

15. Throw pillows or plushies at them (XD)

16. Show them random things and say tht they are tht thing

17. Act like you turn into a monster or werewolf, any scary shit (Mostly works with little sisters/brothers) and try to 'hunt' them down (XD)

18. Act like there is a spider or something scary in the room (A real animal/bug :P)

Thats all for now. You can add ur own below this and plz put ur name. ~ Faith