I think we should have a territory on FeralRealms

Im all ready thinking of claiming a camp for all of our friends and family

Theres pics and its in Eastren Wilds.

Once we decided or someone heres a link
  • GreenWood Forest Has Parkour and Bridges
  • Theres water and camps
  • My fav Camp
  • Parkour by it With a bridge leading to others.
  • Above.
  • I made it on the bridge Above my fav camp.. :D
  • My Fav Platform. ( I fell once I took the pic ._. )]
  • Pic of the area of Eastren Wilds
  • Pic 2 of the area
  • Another area pic
  • Another area pic
  • The camp Look 1
  • What it looks like from above
  • A inside pix

Tons of densEdit

Theres enough dens to hold  like Apprentices in on ect. I we do have it  as our camp Legend can decide wut to do with the dens. ( Since we might have ppl trying to claim things )

Tons of spaceEdit

Theres tons of space in the camp. Theres about 3 camps? But this camp Is the best in my opion. Theres a river, trees rocks plants and more Including a lake

I think its perfectEdit

Its pretty much wut we need o-o If theres any more suggestions for territories or something Edit this and post it

~ Faith

GreendWood ( My new FAV!!)Edit

I just love Greenwood Forest. It has mah Parkour :D I cant find words on how to explain this o-o.  xDDD