I need everyones Birthday date so when it comes up I can make everyone a surprise. :D ~ Legend MoonStar

1. Legend MoonStar's Birthday: 8/4/1998

2. Betta's Birthday: Halloween

3. Derpy's Birthday: 2/1/Never gonna say buahahaha

4. Faith's Birthday:2/11/? ( Not gonna let chu guys find out how old I am ;-; o-o )

5. Ryder's Birthday: 4/30/1996

6. Jake's Birthday:

7. Cherry Pool's Birthday:

8. Erin Nightshade's Birthday: 9/20/1999

9. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock 3's Birthday: o_o the real one is this 2/29/year unknown but since I was born on a Leap year just go with this 2/28