About WolvenCatEdit

A wolf named Timber discovers an anicent race called WolvenCat that is a mix between a wolf and a cat.

Odd AppearenceEdit

Timber stared at the wet green grass, watching for any signs of a mouse or so. The morning sunlight sparkled onto the wet grass, causing it to glow, and Timber hadn’t caught anything so far today. Her brown pelt was dirty from rolling in mud to disguise her scent so prey thought Timber wasn’t there. All was quiet and Timber’s shoulders began to ache, causing her to lie down and stain the grass with mud, but something on the breeze alerted her. The sharp scent was of wolf and cat, maybe a wolf and a cat was fighting? Timber, puzzled with shock and worry, got up to see the open valley with colorful flowers. But far away there was a creature. The being looked like a wolf, but was that stripes? Timber gazed at the strange creature, daggering stripes everywhere on its body. Timber couldn’t see the face, since the animal wasn’t looking at her. It stalked away, suddenly disappearing, and Timber, who didn’t know what to do, followed the animal.