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First Sky the Lone Wolf

Chapter 1Edit

Rust, Moonlight, and Sky gazed at the valley below with prey in their mouths as a growl was heard behind them. The valley below, green and spotted with wild flowers and hills, was calm. But up in the mountains it was as if a bear had just killed a wolf. Sky turned around to see a golden female cougar a foot away. Moonlight and Rust also turned around to see the female cougar, which was going down to the valley. It leaped from rock-to-rock as ifit had done this a thousand times, while Moonlight, Rust, and Sky stood frozen at the sight of the cat. "What if it hurts us?" Rust yelped in terror, as the cougar disappeared. Sky rolled her eyes and replied, "The cat would ofattacked us when it was near. Maybe the kitty has kits and thought we were going to them! The den must be down there, if she has kits." Rust relaxed at last. Her reddish fur looked as though it was a red and orange flame for a second. Moonlight and Sky gasped at the sight of Rust's fur. "What in the name of the ancient dire wolves happened to your fur?" Moonlight yelped, her mouth full of prey and looking terrorified. Rust replied, "Nothing, no need to panic. What did my pelt do?" Moonlight didn't reply, her silver fur bristling as she glared at the valley below. Sky then followed her glare, seeing a black bear slash at a cougar's neck. The cougar dropped dead, it was the same cougar they saw! "What the, that was the cougar we saw and it just got slaughtered," Sky gasped, the black bear feasting on it. A wind knocked Sky over and her prey, her white pelt dirty. Sky signaled with her tail for Moonlight and Rust to get down. "After this wind, we need to get down. But how? We aren't cats," Sky snarled with the wind getting stronger. Sky closed her blue eyes, wishing the storm would stop. A few moments later the wind disappeared mysteriously. Sky, Moonlight, and Rust got up, shaking earth from their pelt. Sky noticed their prey was blown off the mountain. "Great," Sky muttered, "Now our food is gone. Let's go down the mountain and then say I hate the wind." She was puzzled of how the storm stopped after Sky wanted the wind to go away. Just the wind, Sky thought, You have no magical powers and that is final. But Rust's flaming pelt still puzzled her, too. "Let's go down the mountain now," Moonlight barked.

The three wolves arrived down at the valley, seeing that the trees were great oaks. They kept away from the tree-den, aware that the wolves might be hostile. Night was coming and Moonlight, Rust, and Sky hadn't eaten. Sky saw five wolves returning with a bull elk, one tan, three brown, and another pure white. It was hard telling the colors at night. "Man, I wish we had that kind of food," Sky whined. Moonlight and Rust nodded in agreement then went off to scout for a den in the dark. Sky was now in charge of finding food. She looked up in the sky to see an eagle swooping down by a huge rock by an oak tree, picking up a huge vole with its talons. Sky ran up to the sight, keeping low. Sky saw a mouse busy eating some kind of nut by the rock and oak tree. She crouched down, a foot away from the mouse. She then pounced on the mouse, holding the pink tail down into the grass. The mouse squeaked in terror and tried to get free. Sky bit the neck of the mouse hard as she could and the mouse then died. Sky saw the eagle once again, then left the mouse in the grass. Sky hid by the oak, hoping the eagle wouldnn't see her. The bird picked up the mouse with its talons, and Sky leaped at the eagle. Holding it down, she quickly mauled the neck until the eagle was dead. Sky had two prey now, only a few more to go.

Moonlight and Rust returned, gazing at Sky's prey on the grond. Sky had an eagle, a mouse, and a crow. "Well done," Moonlight barked with happiness. Sky took the eagle as it was her prize and she began taking off the feathers. Then, Sky finished eating, leaving some food behind. Moonlight chose the crow, while Rust preferred smaller prey and took the mouse. Sky then got an idea for bedding: they could use the feathers! Immediatly, Sky began looking for a thing to carry the feathers in. The cougar, bloody and slaughtered brutally, lay in the grass. Lazy black bear, Sky smirked. Sky ran through the grass in the dark towards the cougar. Then, she picked it up carefully and headed back. Sky dropped the cougar by Moonlight and Rust, then asked, "Will you help me clean the cougar's pelt and take the pelt off?" Moonlight looked at it with disgust and Rust nodded. Moonlight barked with a weird face, "Okay." They all began tearing the pelt off, then Sky dug a hole in dirt she had found. Carefully, Sky, Moonlight, and Rust picked up the bloody remains and put the dead cougar in the hole. Sky kicked the dirt onto the hole, then once it was covered Sky picked a poppy. She dropped it where the cougar was barried, blood everywhere. "I'm sorry you had to die like this," Sky barked sadly. "We thank you for your pelt, and for not attacking us." They then went back to the pelt and began cleaning it, all of them with sorrow in their eyes. Sky licked the blood off of one patch of the golden pelt that must of been the stomach because blood was everywhere. The taste of it was awful, and Sky wanted to go wash her mouth out but she knew she couldn't right now. Besides, Sky would have to keep going back to wash her mouth.

After they was done cleaning the golden pelt, Sky asked Moonlight and Rust, "Did you find any good dens?" Moonlight was first to reply. "No, the only den we found was a tunnel in the ground." Rust had a strange look on her face and added, "It was like the one I was in when you found me, Sky. Dark, spook, terrorifying! We even got a trace of a husky scent." Husky? Oh, husky! Sky remembered Fluffy the husky. Maybe it was Fluffy, and was looking for Sky. "Bring me there. But first, let's get these feathers wrapped up. Oh, and skin the mouse," Sky commanded. Then, Rust skinned her mouse, dug a hole, and barried the mouse. Rust quickly cleaned the pelt, and then put it on the cougar pelt. Sky and Moonlight picked up the eagle's feather which was white and brown. Sky dropped the feathers onto the pelt, and Moonlight did too. Moonlight then went back to her crow, and picked the feathers off. She picked them up and put them on the pelt, which then got wrappped up. Sky picked up the pelt that was like a bag, and then Moonlight and Rust lead the way to the tunnel. She followed them through the great oaks, which were scattered, and through the tall grass that was spotted with wild flowers. They passed the pack that lived by a tree den, which was sleeping. The moon was beginning to fall and soon morning was coming.

"I'm tired!" Rust's voice woke up Sky. They had arrived at the tunnel entrance, but passed out. Sky was curled up, and then she closed her blue eyes. It was morning, and there was green grass by the tunnel entrance. The entrance was a circle that was pitch black inside. "Now, Rust, we all are tired. But Fluffy the husky might be trapped down there," Moonlight soothed Rust. Of course they all were tired from almost staying up for twenty four hours straight! Sky opened her eyes, got up, and let out a moan. Rust was curled up with her eyes closed. Her red pelt wasn't a flame and that relaxed Sky. Rust opened her brown eyes and got up, then stretched. Rust's stretch was more like a bow than a stretch. "Alright," Moonlight demanded. "Let's get going! There might be a husky tracked down there!" Moonlight walked into the tunnel, and her silver pelt glowed at the light. Sky followed, and Rust didn't. The tunnels were not very narrow, but wide enough so it didn't brush her pelt . "Come on, Rust," Sky called. Rust shook her head. "It would be too crowded." Sky just nodded, and went deeper into the tunnel. It was pitch black and cold. Sky felt the walls brush her pelt and soon it widened. She could see some light, but not very much. Soon, she caught scent of a husky. It was Fluffy! The scent was fresh, and Sky wondered what Fluffy was doing down here. Sky stopped in shock. "Fluffy!" Sky called with echoing words. "What are you doing down here?" Sky ran through the tunnels, following the scent trail. Soon, the light grew. Sky was in a cave, and Fluffy was curled up in the middle. "S-sky?" Fluffy stammered, her black and white pelt dirty with earth. Sky noticed Moonlight come into the tunnel, eyes wide with shock. "What are you doing down here?" Sky repeated, this time her voice not echoing. Fluffy sighed and replied, "I came looking for you. My owner died and soon I was in a strange place and in a cage. You know what a cage is, right?" Sky nodded. Moonlight's brown eyes flickered in ange and sorrow. "We already got too many mouths to feed, Fluffy. I am sorry your owner died," Moonlight growled. Fluffy winced at her greeting. "But I understand. You can be with us." Fluffy got up and came forward. "Thanks," Fluffy barked. "I know how to hunt since my owner took me hunting for birds." Sky, Moonlight, and Fluffy headed back through the tunnel and into the open. "Who is this?" Rust asked, a snarl in her voice. Fluffy winced and said, "Fluffy!" Her tone was weird and strange, but Sky knew she was joking around. Sky picked up the pelt and then barked, "We need a camp! We can be our own mini pack now." Moonlight tilted her head to one side. "Packs need an alpha, a beta, and maybe an omega," Moonlight sighed. "But maybe this one can be a different version." Fluffy nodded, and so did the others. Moonlight signaled with her tail to follow, and all three wolves and one dog followed her. Sky walked on the grass with sore pads and passed many trees and rocks. Soon, they were back where they barried the cougar. Sky looked at the blood, then heard Fluffy gasp. "What happened here?" Fluffy asked, terror in her voice. Sky saw that most of the blood was dried up, but most was still oozing everywhere. "Oh, we skinned a cougar for the pelt. We store stuff in it," Sky replied, trying to relax Fluffy. Fluffy gasped again. "Skinned? You skinned a cougar? Oh, well. It just looked as if it got decapitated," Fluffy barked, still shocked. Sky laughed and then lay down, careful not to lay on any blood. "I'm hungry, anyone up for a hunting trip?" Rust asked. Sky jumped up and replied, "Yes! Why don't we all come?" Sky then looked at Fluffy and Moonlight. "Want to come?" They both agreed, and Sky noticed that dusk was on its way. Yes, just the time of day I go hunting, Sky thought happily, Daylight everything is moving, but at night it's a challenge. Sky picked up the cougar pelt, which was empty, and then Rust lead the way to the open valley beyond, the mountains turning to red and orange as night came. Then, once it was night, the mountains were hard to see and were black. The open valley was full of poppies, roses, dandelions, sunflowers, and tulips. Sky decided to collect some flowers for the cougar after they were done hunting. The thought welled up sorrow in Sky's eyes, but then it disappeared. Someday, Sky would slaughter the bear and have its pelt as a trophy. They all went out alone now that they was here, and then Sky caught scent of a badger. Moonlight and Rust headed toward the oak trees while Fluffy went near the mountains. Ah, badgers, I love their pelts, Sky thought and then followed the scent trail. It began to rain as Sky thought more and more about the cougar and it was as if the sky was crying for the female cougar, too. She saw the badger by a thorn bush near great oaks and rocks, the badger's striped face and weird snout sinister. Sky crouched and crept forward until she was a meter away from the badger. Then, the badger saw her and lunged at her, clawing furiously at Sky's eyes. Sky closed her eyes, kicked the badger off of her, and then opened them. She charged at the badger, aiming for the throat, and then when Sky was near she pounced onto the badger, pinning it down. Sky bit the throat hard as she could and then clawed the badger's eyes, making it blind. Dumb badger, doesn't have the moves like me! But suddenly the badger hissed and slashed at Sky's throat. Sky ducked just in time and then slashed at the badger's throat. Blood oozed out from the wound in the badger's throat, and soon it was dead. Sky picked up the badger and headed to where they started the hunting trip. She dropped it there, and then relaxed. Sky sat still for a few moments, scanning for any eagles. Soon she spotted a hawk flying, and then immediatly Sky ran after the hawk and into the open valley. The hawk swooped down into the grass as Sky was near it, and she then pounced onto the bird. With a quick snap to the windpipe, Sky picked the bird up by the leg and headed back.

"Who killed the badger?" Moonlight asked, impressed. All of them had returned from their hunting trip and put their prey on the ground, the moon still out. There was a mocking jay, a crow, a hawk, a badger, two voles, and one mouse. "I did," Sky replied proudly. All of the canines were curled up in a circle. Fluffy was near Sky, Sky was near Moonlight, and Moonlight was near Rust. The cougar pelt was in the middle with the prey on it."I always thought badgers killed wolves," Fluffy barked, "but you killed a badger." Rust was staring impatiently at the hawk. "We should eat when we get back to camp," Sky snarled at Rust. "Not here. Now, let's go." She picked three roses from a rose bush, two poppies, and one tulip for the cougar. Sky got up and then wrapped up the prey and flowers then carried the pelt in her mouth. Without looking back, Sky headed towards their camp as the sun rose into the sky. The grass was still wet from the rain, and at least the food wasn't soggy. Sky dropped the pelt onto the floor of their camp, then picked up the flowers. She went over to the cougar's grave and dropped them, then picked up the dead flower. Sky smashed the dead flower until it was shriveled and then curled up by the grave, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

Sky dreamed she was in Death Pine. The shadowy, tall pines reached the sky and almost touched the clouds. Sky was in a clearing, with many prey near her. She ate a bluejay, a vole, five eagles, and a black bear. So much food! Then, suddenly, Sky woke up to see Rust poking her right ear with her paw. Rust's red fur was normal, thank the ancient dire wolves, and her brown eyes looked bored. The pack was curled up near each other, Moonlight near Rust, Rust near Fluffy, and Fluffy near Sky and Fluffy's tail in Sky's mouth. She pushed Fluffy's tail away from her mouth, then started coughing up white hair. "Why did you bite my tail?" Fluffy complained, her eyes closed and then she rolled over. Sky replied, "I was dreaming I could eat five black bears and I must have ate your tail in the real world." Fluffy put her paws on her muzzle and winced in pain. "My tail! My poor tail! You killed my tail," Fluffy whined, her paws still on her muzzle. Sky rolled her eyes and laughed. "Your tail is on you, its not dead. Your tail was never alive!" Moonlight opened her eyes and stretched, her silver fur dirty with earth as usual. "What happened?" Moonlight demanded, staring at Fluffy's half-eaten tail. "Oh, I was dreaming I could eat everything I wanted but ate Fluffy's tail in the real world," Sky chuckled, dying of laughter. Moonlight fell over and broke into a seizure of laughter. Rust did too, except she was rolling over and smashed the cougar's flowers. "Rust! You just killed the cougar's flower den-wait flowers," Sky whined, screwing up wolf language. Rust tilted her head to one side and barked with sorrow, "I'm sorry about the cougar and your messed up language." Sky rolled her blue eyes and then went over to the cougar pelt and got the badger to eat. It was the last prey, except a mouse and the mocking jay. Sky ate her kill, and then when she was finished she began skinning the badger. The snout was strange and it was like a snake that is overgrown but attacked a bear. Sky cut off the snout with her claws, hurried and barried it so Fluffy wouldn't have a seizure, and then Sky finished skinning the badger. She barried the remains and then cleaned the pelt, hoping she would find a freaking lake soon. Sky decided to go search for some water, and found a leaf covered with fresh water. Sky lacked the water up, then picked up the badger pelt. She began searching for a lake. She ran forward, the camp behind. Soon, Sky spotted a lake not far from the camp. The lake was surrounded by very few oak trees and was so clear Sky could see fish. It was only half a mile, and then Sky began lapping at the water and then when she was done, Sky put the badger pelt in the water but held onto it. Blood went everywhere in the lake, and then Sky saw fish going away. Hmm... maybe I should hunt, Sky thought. Soon, the blood disappeared. Sky saw a strange vent on the other side, and it sucked in water. She waded into the water, and forgot how to swim. Sky went to where the ground wasn't there and paddled. She was swimming! Sky saw a large trout in the water near her. She dove underwater, grabbed the fish in her jaw, and came back up for air. Sky bit the neck hard and then put the trout on the badger pelt.

After Sky was done fishing, the badger pelt was full of fish. Sky carried the badger pelt back to camp, the pelt holding water. She decided to have the food fresh so Sky didn't kill them. When she arrived back at camp, everyone was asking where she had been.
"Where have you been?" Fluffy asked, panicing.
"What is in the pelt?" Moonlight asked, curious.
"That pelt is wet," Rust exclaimed.
Sky answered all of the questions. "I went to a lake not far from here. I also cleaned the pelt and caught fish, one is dead while like fifty other fish are alive." They all gasped, except Rust. "I wanna go swimming!" Rust complained. Sky replied, "We can all go down to the lake when we are finished eating these fish." Sky opened the pelt and water went everywhere. The fish were dancing it seemed like! Rust took the fattest trout she saw, Sky took the second fattest, Fluffy tooke the fourth fattest, and Moonlight took two large trouts. "This is so good," Moonlight barked happily. Fluffy and Rust also said the same thing. Soon, everyone was done eating. Moonlight carried the supplies and Sky got up and headed towards the lake as night fell upon them. The moon, full and shiny, was in the sky with no clouds in the way. It took an half and hour for them to get there, and when they arrived Sky flicked her tail to sit down. The pack curled up near Sky, and waited for day to come. No one would steal their pelts and prey, because they brought it with them. Sky didn't dream, and soon she woke up to see the sun rising. "Rust, Moonlight, Fluffy! Wake up," Sky whispered in their ears. Fluffy shot up like a lightning bolt and then took a fish from the pelt to eat. Fluffy lay down with the fish between her paws and ate the trout. Rust stretched and waded into the water, careful not to go in the deep parts. Moonlight just rested, and then Sky got up and waded into the water to teach Rust how to swim. "Okay, go in the deeper parts. But wait! When you get where there is no ground, paddle with all paws," Sky explained to Rust. Rust went to where there was no ground, and Sky saw her swim at last. "I'm swimming!" Rust called out excited. Without replying, Sky swam with her and then saw a fish that was overgrown. The overgrown fish was big as Moonlight, and had a whiskery face with a weird mouth. Catfish! Sky swam towards it, then was careful not to get in the way of the catfish. She then swam around the catfish, which was underwater, and went underwater. Sky bit the tail and dragged the catfish up, pulling very hard. She then signaled with her ears for Rust to help. Rust helped Sky pull the fish to shore, and together they gazed at the giant fish that looked as if it could swallow a human. The catfish was a challenge, but Rust and Sky had done it like a boss. Moonlight woke up fianlly and screamed. "What in the name is that!" Moonlight yelped, crawling backwards. Sky and Rust noticed the fish was still alive, and then Sky waited for the fish to die off. The catfish stopped breathing, and soon the pack would have plenty to eat for days to come. No need for hunting for a few days, but maybe they could fish for fun.

Sky had finished teaching Moonlight and Fluffy how to swim before night fell. "Well done," Sky barked to her mother and friend. "Maybe one day we could catch any fish we want to." Sky swam to shore and then shook her pelt, getting Rust wet. Rust was eating the catfish, her red pelt bloody. "Hey!" Rust muttered. "Dry off somewhere else." Sky didn't reply, and then went into the grass to dry off. She rolled around in the grass and then when shewas dry, Sky curled up and closed her eyes. Moonlight curled up by Sky, her silver fur shining with pride. Rust and Fluffy lay by each other, more near the shore but out of reach of the waves.

Chapter 2Edit