Copied from the Free Realms Warrior Cats Wiki from my blog, Party.

I am going to host a party at my new finished map, FreeRealmsParty!

Map Download:

WHEN: April 5th, 2014





If your time zone isn't on here, go to this website and put in the first box 12:00pm Mountain Time and then your time zone

Here at this party, let's share our memories of Free Realms and eat cookies and bacon.

Races Welcome: All, but if you are an elf you better hide from me

Ending Time: When I say so

There is a stage and many tables and water!


If the map is over used, it will crash.

Do not set this map as your home because you fall from the ceiling.

Free Grayscale, Sky, and Terrain Mask

When I now host events like this, I will give out a sky for a map, a terrain mask, and a grayscale!

Free Blackforest Grayscale, Sky,Terrain Mask!

Grayscale Download:

Sky Download:

Terrain Mask Download:

Best width: 30,000

Best Height: 5,000

BlackforestGrayscale Includes:

A tunnel system




Might be more

Please do not claim the grayscale, sky, or terrain mask as yours!

How to Use Grayscale: Copy grayscale and go to FeralHeart > media > terrains, then paste the grayscale. Go onto FeralHeart map maker and then go to world and type in the width and height you want. Then, in the terrain column, backsapce defaultTerrain.png or something like that and type BlackforestGrayscale.png

How to Use Sky: Copy the sky file and go to FeralHeart > media > sky. Paste the sky there and then go onto FeralHeart map maker and in world put in the sky, Blackforest

How to Use Terrain Mask: Copy the terrain mask and go to FeralHeart > media > terrains. Paste it there and then go onto map maker and load the Blackforest grayscale and go to World. Remove the defaultTerrainMask.png or something and put BlackforestMask.png The map will appear black or something. To change that, just pick terrain textures in the terrain texture box. To move onto another texture, click the arrow.