Hello guys ouo Recently, many ppl asked me how to make particles on FH, so here is an easy tutorial

Btw, if u see something like [Name] it eans you gotta type a name there :P

FIRST; Go to your FH folder, then media and find particles


The one inside the red circle

There should be the star aura, and all that stuff

Now, to make your own, open that notepag thing named 'aura'

Btw, look at the file's type, there are two files named aura



Ok, next.

After u opened the notepad, it should look like this:


Inside the notepad

To make it easier, copy and paste what says in there.

BUT, instead of FXMat/Star and star.png, type the name of your particle.

Save and close the notepad.

Then open any paint program, I will use PainttoolSAI for this.

Choose the canvas size, it can be ANY size. If you want it to have an invisible background, then it has to be all black

If u want it colored, color it any color u want

Anyways, I will make one with a colored background. Here is an example:


ouo owo ovo XD

After you drew or wrote what u wanted to, save it as [Name].png or [Name].jpg

Open the notepad again and where it says 'texture' type the name of the image

Save and close the notepad.

Open FeralHeart, go to tools, object maker

You should see a button that says 'Effect Maker', click it

Screenshot 04202014 214503580

The one inside the red thing

Then type above your patricle's name, I will use another one, since I didnt save the one I just made :P
Screenshot 04202014 214708859


Ta-da! Your particle should now be showing. Click 'Object Maker' and save it. Now you are able to use it in your maps!

If you have any further questions, just post here and I will try to answer! C: